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When you entrust MacTrack, you rely on an extremely versatile and well-experienced GPS tracking solutions provider who has worked across nearly every imaginable industry and has catered to countless personal assets in Australia and New Zealand. After a solid 18 years working in the GPS tracking industry, Grant Mackie, our founder, started MacTrack because he noticed a gap in the market. Over the years, our business has steadily and successfully grown throughout the country and has even made an impact in New Zealand. What started as a small family-run Perth business, has now evolved into an agile large-scale operation. Our reputation for impeccable service continues to leave a mark, and we are best known for placing the customer at the forefront of everything we do. We build and maintain long-standing relationships with our suppliers, clients, stakeholders and employees and of course, we continue to deliver our second-to-none high-quality product range.

While we have scaled immensely, and grown in our ability to deliver, we have always retained that small business personality and charm that our clients have become accustomed to. We treat every project, despite its size, with the exact same attention and urgency. Furthermore, Grant Mackie oversees every client’s project that lands on our desk.

Our team looks forward to bringing you security, clarity and a sigh of relief that can only come with leveraging the best GPS tracking solutions you can get your hands on in Australia and New Zealand

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Extreme Sports Bike

Our Cloud Application

MacTrack’s cloud environment uses the latest technology which is the most efficient and cost effective way to monitor your fleet. You no longer have to worry about the cost of additional servers or data security. Our environment is scalable which means we are with you every step of the way in the development or movement of your business or personal needs.

  • Reporting

  • Geofences

  • Advanced Features and Customisation

Benefits Of The Cloud

  • Reduce your drivers overtime and increase driver productivity

  • Reduce your insurance costs

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing on-time deliveries and proper ETA by tracking your vehicles in real-time

  • Improve record keeping will reduce paperwork by utilising the report options

  • Provide efficient vehicle dispatching by knowing the location of all your vehicles

  • Receive automatic notifications of violations (speeding, off-hour operations, zone or region violations, emergencies, engine revving thresholds, etc.)

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Our Clients

How does it work?2022-07-22T11:22:12+08:00

GPS trackers connect to a series of satellites to determine location. The tracker uses a process called trilateration which uses the position of three or more satellites from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network and its distance from them to determine latitude, longitude, elevation, and time.

What can I track?2022-07-22T11:29:57+08:00

With the advances in GPS Tracking device size and abilities, the list of assets that can be tracked is vast and varied. Common tracked assets include but are not limited to – Vehicles (cars, motorbikes, boats etc), personal transport equipment (bicycles, scooters etc), heavy machinery (trucks, trailers, loaders etc), civil works equipment (bobcats, forklifts, excavators etc), fixed plant equipment (generators, lighting towers, sea containers etc), personal effects(keys etc). Regardless of what you need monitored, there is a very good chance MacTrack have a solution.

How does MacTrack tracking work?2022-07-22T11:30:11+08:00

To experience the many benefits and advantages of the MacTrack System is simple, firstly we can organise the fitting of the GPS hardware to the vehicle/asset that you want to monitor and then provide you access to our Telematics Guru (T.G.) system in both Web-based and app format. With our ongoing support – set up and operation will be a breeze. At MacTrack we pride ourselves on providing a solution package that is fully-scalable to the needs of your business (or personal equipment requirement).

Is GPS tracking difficult to use?2022-07-22T11:30:29+08:00

Certainly not – With our Telematics Guru web-based System and mobile App utilised along with the ongoing support provided by MacTrack – using the system is a breeze, once it becomes part of your daily routine, you will find it hard to imagine how you managed without the system prior

Is GPS tracking important for my business’ efficiency2022-07-22T11:30:47+08:00

Keeping track of all your vehicle and assets daily movements/details can and will use up valuable time and money. With MacTrack GPS tracking operators/managers can know where their fleet is at all times with the simple click of a button, they can easily learn more about each vehicle’s location, hours, kms, job progress etc. Even monitoring driver safety or driving habits such as speeding, or hash barking/cornering is available live as it happens. Business efficiency is all about making the best possible use of resources – No better way to do this than with MacTrack GPS tracking!

I’m not sure my business needs GPS tracking?2022-07-22T11:31:21+08:00

Keeping control of your costs whether you are a fleet owner or manager is the key to success. It’s understandable that the thought of adding small cost to your outgoings is likely undesirable but below are some of the simple financial benefits that GPS tracking with MacTrack will bring to your operation:

VEHICLE/ASSET PROTECTION – real time 24/7 monitoring offers protection, prevention and visibility of your fleet.

REDUCE LABOUR COSTS- Monitor and maximize efficiency of your workforce with accurate time and attendance records and scheduling – saving you money!

REDUCE FUEL COSTS – Monitoring and identifying driver behaviour can reduce your fuel consumption and decrease idle time – saving you money!

KEEP ON TOP OF MAINTENANCE – with the integrated Maintenance module included with the MacTrack system, setting automated alerts and reminders for servicing / maintenance, as well as addressing any on the spot issues rapidly, reduces possible expensive fixes later and increases vehicle/asset lifespan considerably – saving you money!

MAKE BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS / INCREASE BEST PRACTICE – With a huge range of customizable data-rich reports available you will easily be able to keep an eye on the numbers that matter to you and your bottom line. Analyse and use this data to gain an edge over your competition and save you money!

How can I get my staff/drivers to support GPS tracking implementation?2022-07-22T11:31:35+08:00

Although at first GPS tracking can be considered an intrusion into the lives of staff/drivers, It has become an industry standard and something most drivers are fast getting used to. The MacTrack GPS system enhances driver safety whilst also allowing for incentivising great drivers / driver behaviour. It also provides visibility and records for both drivers and operations/back office staff alike. The MacTrack system is fully customisable to limit asset visibility by user, hours of the day or project- to ensure at no point is the asset monitoring a privacy issue.

I don’t run a business but just want peace of mind for one or two personal assets?2022-07-22T11:33:12+08:00

At MacTrack we are happy to cater for any application, if you are wanting to track your pride and joy or your boat or caravan etc we have a tracking solution that will suit your needs, With the recent rise in theft of personal assets – gain the upper hand with the peace of mind only a GPS tracker can provide.

Can GPS Trackers report Speeding?2022-07-22T11:33:28+08:00

Yes – Along with many driver behaviour monitoring abilities the MacTrack System can monitor and report on the Speed of vehicle and assets. With the many customizable features these driver behaviours (speeding, harsh braking and harsh cornering ) can be monitored at certain times and places easily with the use of the geo-fencing features provided.

I have many different asset drivers / operators throughout the day, so how can I monitor driver behaviour2022-07-22T11:33:48+08:00

At MacTrack we can fit tracking devices with RFID card readers to your vehicle/assets. We provided you with swipe cards assigned to your drivers/operators. A buzzer (annoying :) ) will sound upon vehicle start up and only cease when operator has swiped their own assigned card. This way you will know who is driving/operating what asset and when.

What is Geofencing? And how can it help me?2022-07-22T11:34:06+08:00

A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geofence is a pre-determined set of boundaries that can be utilised to trigger and or send alerts to users when a location-aware device (GPS tracker) enters/exits or exists inside the virtual boundary. These triggered alerts allow you to passively monitor assets without needing to constantly

watch the real-time map, instead only getting alerted when a point of interest is visited/exited for example, these alerts are timestamped to allow for historical activity viewing not just live monitoring. Some of the simple instant benefits of geofencing a work site are:

MONITORING ENTERING AND LEAVING A WORKSITE- gone are the days of endless wasted phone calls to establish who is where in a worksite, establish schedules for arrival times.

MONITORING TIME AND ATTENDANCE – Get on with your days work and let the geofencing feature capture/verify time sheets by knowing exactly when company vehicle arrive/depart.

MANAGE EMPLOYEE CONDUCT – If you don’t want your vehicle or your employees to be in certain areas you can setup an alert via a geofence of the said area, any asset entering this area will notify you in real time- You can then act on this to protect your asset and /or improve driver accountability

Are the devices connected to main battery? what power options are there2022-07-22T11:34:20+08:00

There are different types of tracking units depending on the outcome you want to achieve. Fleet tracking is primarily done via tracking units connected to a constant 12V power source from the vehicle / asset. This gives best option for capturing all extra information regarding run time and movements etc, alternatively we have battery powered tracking units for use in the below examples:

1) You may have a pride and joy car at home that you disconnect battery power from when stored for long periods,

2) You may want to track your bicycle / E scooter that has no constant 12 V source

3) You may have a caravan that you want monitored that often has a 12V system that runs flat over time. Or-

4) You may have regular interstate transport shipments that you want to keep a close eye on.

All of the above 4 points and many more are perfect examples of when a battery powered Tracking unit can provide the visibility you want when you need.

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