MacTrack sAInt

MacTrack sAInt

MacTrack sAInt Dash Camera

Always looking out for you and your drivers, there’s a reason why we call this advanced new dash camera product the MacTrack sAInt. 

We all have limits, and it’s fair to say that as humans our vulnerability is that we don’t always have the self-awareness to know our own limits. This is especially true when it comes to working solo behind the wheel of a vehicle for hours a day. That’s why we have developed the MacTrack sAInt. Whilst working independently, drivers will no longer be working alone as the dash cam asserts a duty-of-care that goes beyond the ordinary. 

MacTrack sAInt is designed to optimise safety performance and protect our network of valued drivers. The dash cam records video from inside the vehicle, as well as capturing data such as GPS location and speed to combine real-time video footage with data and analytics.  

Our new all-in-one fleet connected camera is designed to evolve and optimise performance for fleet managers.  

From harsh cornering and breaking to stop sign and speed limit violations, our new dashcam technology will help you identify when your drivers are tired, distracted or overly aggressive.  

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Temperature Resistant

2-Way Dash Cam