Is your civil project on track?

Several works in civil engineering are carried out in both rough and complex environments, which makes it difficult for the personnel to efficiently operate. However, with the assistance of GPS tracking systems, the work is carried out far more efficiently and accurately. It enables accuracy to the centimetre, and sub-metre levels in a highly cost-effective manner. This in turn has changed the entire industry of civil engineering significantly.

Through a tracking system, courtesy of MacTrack. GPS can monitor machinery and is especially useful in hazardous areas where lives could be endangered. GPS is also used to track the location and usage of the equipment at different sites. By sending this information to a central location, your civil contractors can now deploy equipment more efficiently.

Features of Civil GPS Tracking

1. Utilisation of your fleet  

Now you can see where your entire fleet is at any given time. You can also easily dispatch drivers rapidly and gain valuable business insights through a range of reporting options.  Also, utilise the fleet currently not being used for other locations to avoid hiring/purchase of additional assets and reducing time lost.

2. Reduce administration costs

Eliminate the costs that come with administration costs, particularly with the expenses that arise with driver communications, logbooks, timesheets, and invoicing. Now you have the data you need, through one touchpoint.

3. Improve customer service

Get ahead of the competition with rapid response times, accurate ETAs and improved accuracy.

4. Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Now you can optimise every driver’s route, dispatch the nearest vehicle, reduce unauthorised use, eliminate fuel theft, and decrease speeding. A GPS tracking solution encourages transparency in your operations.

5. Improve driver safety and OH&S compliance

Speeding and harsh driving occurrences can place a major safety risk to your drivers. Now you can minimise this concern with GPS tracking solutions.

GPS Vehicle Trackers and Civil Tracking Solutions in Western Australia

GPS tracking provides civil companies to have real-time sub-metre and centimetre level accuracy. This has significantly changed the civil construction industry as we know it. Companies are using GPS in many applications such as road construction and earth moving, fleet management and other civil engineering applications. At MacTrack, we provide user-friendly solutions for your assets. We also provide expert and timely technical and customer support; continuously adapting to each company’s situation.

Are you ready to minimise downtime for your civil project?

When you entrust MacTrack, you rely on an extremely versatile and well-experienced GPS tracking solutions provider who has worked across nearly every imaginable industry and has catered to countless personal assets in Australia and New Zealand. After a solid  22 years working in the GPS tracking industry, Grant Mackie, our founder, started MacTrack because he noticed a gap in the market. Over the years, our business has steadily and successfully grown throughout the country and has even made an impact in New Zealand. What started as a small family-run Perth business, has now evolved into an agile large-scale operation. Our reputation for impeccable service continues to leave a mark, and we are best known for placing the customer at the forefront of everything we do. We build and maintain long-standing relationships with our suppliers, clients, stakeholders and employees and of course, we continue to deliver our second-to-none high-quality product range. We invite you to get in touch today.