The marine industry requires tailored solutions as the sector demands flexibility and malleability

MacTrack fully understands the needs and requirements of the marine industry and offers our customers bespoke GPS tracking solutions to suit individual needs. Navigate the complex environmental and social challenges that come with the marine sector, equipped with leading GPS technology.  

Marine Tracking Capabilities

1. Safety 

MacTrack marine tracking services can help ensure the safety of a vessel and its crew. If the vessel gets into trouble, such as running aground or experiencing mechanical failure, the tracking device can help rescue teams locate the vessel and provide assistance. 

2. Navigation 

MacTrack capabilities improve navigation outcomes and will help your vessel navigate unfamiliar or challenging waters. It can provide information on the vessel’s location, speed, and course, as well as important navigational aids such as buoys and channel markers. 

3. Asset tracking 

Track the location and status of a vessel for asset tracking purposes. This can be useful for companies that operate a fleet of vessels or for individuals who want to keep track of their own boats. 

4. Security 

A MacTrack marine tracking device can help deter theft or unauthorized use of a vessel. If the vessel is moved without permission, the owner will be notified and take appropriate action.  

5. Compliance 

In some cases, the use of a marine tracking device may be required by law or regulation. For example, some commercial vessels may be required to have a tracking device on board in order to comply with safety regulations. 

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