Why Boats Need GPS Tracking

MacTrack GPS asset tracking systems will automate asset tracking and revolutionise the way you manage tools and equipment.


Asset tracking allows for optimised management and protection. It uses GPS software to always provide real-time data and pinpoint locations. The cost-effective, streamlined solution of GPS asset tracking allows you to remotely monitor and protect your assets at any time.

GPS devices can store over 1,000 pieces of valuable data. This information can be extracted and used to understand how an asset is being used. This data can help you optimise your business assets, increase efficiency and make your business more profitable.

No matter if you have a trailer that disappears from your yard or a large fleet that travels through remote parts of Australia, MacTrack provides an extensive range of GPS tracking solutions in Australia that will keep personnel and assets safe while optimising management operations. MacTrack asset tracking software is easily attachable to tools, trailers, and vehicles.

So, let’s find out why businesses need GPS tracking in Australia.

Improved Safety

Your company’s number one priority is undoubtedly the safety of your employees. This goes beyond having safe vehicles. You should also monitor drivers’ behaviour and ensure that they are following safe driving rules.

Many fleet tracking companies offer digital maintenance programmes that allow you to create maintenance plans with automatic alerts based upon odometer readings and scheduled maintenance. Digital processes can be created for inspections and maintenance that allow your drivers or maintenance team to instantly report any faults.

Australian GPS trackers come with built-in accelerometers. They can alert drivers or managers to poor driving behaviours such as excessive braking, harsh acceleration, rough cornering, and speeding. Fleet managers can see into red-light violations, distracted driving and tailgating even more clearly if equipped with dashcams.

Fleets can make use of this data to create rewards and recognition programmes for the top drivers, and to encourage others to do better.

Save Time

MacTrack asset tracking allows fleet managers to see and access real-time reports. The exact GPS location of each asset can be accessed at the touch of a button. This maximises efficiency and reduces time. By knowing exactly where your assets always stand, it will be easier to distribute the workload to the most appropriate vehicles and machines. It will save you time travelling to and from jobs and give you more time to work on new assignments. Fleet managers already have too many things on their plates each day, they often don’t have enough time to check inventory, locate vehicles, or trawl through data related to business operations.

GPS-based asset tracking software is useful for asset management. It allows you to see which assets are being used at what time, where they are located, and how. This type of visibility enhances resource efficiency and your bottom line, as well as enables you:

  • Recognise assets that you can sell or reuse elsewhere.
  • To improve cost analysis, track asset usage per project.
  • Find out when assets are being used and whether they are being used in the way they were intended.
  • To improve asset utilisation, get a single, centralised view of all data.
  • To find out how assets are being used in different geographic locations, utilisation reports
  • You can make better decisions about renting assets versus redeploying assets that are not being used.
  • Depending on your business requirements, you can choose what to monitor and how often the GPS asset tracker should report.


Save Money

It doesn’t take a large investment to protect high-value assets. MacTrack fleet trackers are small, versatile, and inexpensive. It can be attached to any asset, powered or non-powered. High-value assets need high-value protection. The MacTrack Dart 3 offers the best security without the high cost. Learn how equipment monitoring can save your business thousands every year by protecting against lost and stolen assets.

Theft Recovery

Your business’s most valuable assets are your vehicles and equipment. GPS tracking can be installed on vehicles and other assets to allow your company to easily monitor their location, set up calendar templates for expected usage, and quickly identify any unusual or unauthorised use.

Receive instant alerts when a vehicle, or other equipment, is operating outside its designated hours or location. Location tracking can be used to help authorities locate stolen vehicles, which will reduce the cost of replacement or insurance.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs rank second behind payroll as the biggest expense line for transportation companies. Owners of fleets can track where and how their vehicles are operating. Driving habits such as speeding or harsh acceleration can cause fuel consumption to drop and increase costs.

Unauthorised vehicle use can significantly increase fuel costs. Management can be alerted by a GPS tracking system to detect unauthorised use through calendar templates and time-of-use restrictions.

It is possible to reduce fuel consumption by making sure drivers take the most direct route to work. Your team will be able to access dispatching tools and route planning tools to ensure they assign jobs to the closest vehicle, travel on the most efficient routes, and reduce fuel consumption.

Solution-Focused Approach

GPS devices may seem confusing at first. It is important to understand the tracking requirements for your asset before you make a purchase. We are available to simplify this task and give you an overview of your options.

The right GPS-based asset-tracking system can help your business run more efficiently.

MacTrack has extensive industry experience and can help businesses in any industry to improve safety, productivity, and security at work and on the roads. Our asset tracker helps businesses monitor heavy equipment, reduce risk of theft, and increase asset utilisation. Get in touch today.