Futura Lowering Trailers

The Trailer That Your Vehicle Needs 

Futura Sport’s range of lowering trailers is designed and manufactured with the care and precision of a well-tuned race car. Futura trailers require less effort to load and unload your vehicle. This saves you time on every trip. 

Our shipment of self-lowering trailers arrives next month and trust us when we say these remote-controlled lowering trailers are extremely impressive. 

Futura Trailers have unique features that are valuable to classic car owners, motorsport enthusiasts and car builders. They are also a must-have item for car transport companies. 

Why Choose a Futura Lowering Trailer?  

Innovative design combined with the most advanced materials and techniques has created a revolutionary trailer that lowers your vehicle. This trailer is easy to use and enjoyable. 

Car haulers seem to have a common complaint. How to load and tow a vehicle that has low ground clearance with an easy-to-use trailer. A trailer that requires ramps can be difficult to manoeuvre and cause damage to the vehicle. This issue was prevalent at the tracks we visited and at events, so we researched the market for the perfect solution. 

Futura trailers are designed and engineered with the following key features: remote controlled lowering and rising technology, solar panel charger, high quality deck design with 6005-T6 interlocking panels, low approach angle, lightweight, easy loading and moving by one person and additional premium accessories to optimise performance. 

The Futura Sport range goes beyond the standard features of all Futura trailers. 

  • All models now have a flared tail and a new chassis 
  • Unlimited tie down points with continuous airline track 
  • Recessed LED tail lights 
  • Aluminium fenders extruded quickly with micro-LED clearance lighting 
  • Low 7″ (178mm), door clearance with the fenders removed 
    Torsion arm suspension 
  • Billet aluminium lifting arms 
  • Full synthetic rigging system 
  • Auto folding jack/jockey wheel 

Lowering Technology 

Futura Trailers are a popular choice for classic car owners, race enthusiasts, and transport companies. These trailers are so popular because of their simplicity and lowering technology. The entire trailer can be lowered to the ground with the push of a button. This reduces the loading angle by just three degrees. This trailer is essential if you have a vehicle that has low ground clearance. Futura Trailers will not require additional ramps or tilting decks in order to transport your vehicle. 

You can drive or winch your car on to the lowered deck, and then raise the trailer from the driver’s seat. Once you’re done, you can open the car door to get out. If your vehicle is sitting low, and you want to get out without causing any damage, then remove the fenders using the quick-release fasteners. 

At MacTrack, we know how important it is to move your beloved car from one place to the next without damage. The Futura range will eliminate any risk and is invaluable for anyone who transports cars or visits tracks and events. 


When you are weighing up your options, you should consider the size of your trailer deck. The models range in size from 16’ 5” (5000 mm) to 19’ 8” (6000 mm), with additional options depending on the availability. 

You need to consider the length and weight of your current vehicle. To meet your specific needs, you might also consider premium accessories. 


  • Rock guard – to protect your load from being damaged by debris that has been kicked up when you’re on the road
  • Recovery Winch – This is a tool that allows you to winch and haul your car off the trailer
  • Tire rack – for securing your wheels on the trailer for events, or just for fun! 
  • Mounted spare wheel in case of a breakdown
  • Four adjustable tiedowns are included to secure your cargo to the continuous airline track

Super Sport Range 

The Super Sport tandem axle car-trailer is the most popular in our lowering trailer range. It fits all types of cars, including supercars. You can load your car and unload it even if the trailer isn’t attached to a tow vehicle. 

Key Specs (Australia) 

  • Deck Length: 5000 mm 
  • Deck Width 2000 mm 
  • Maximum load capacity: 1900 kg 
  • GVWR: 2500kg 

Pro Sport Range 

The Futura Pro Sport has the longest deck of any Futura Sport model, making it ideal for motorsports or larger vehicles. The trailer can be used to load or unload your car, even when it isn’t connected to a tow truck. 

Key Specs (Australia). 

  • Deck length: 6000 mm 
  • Deck width: 2000 mm 
  • Maximum load capacity: 1850 kg 
  • GVWR: 2500kg 


Check out this video of the Pro Sport in action. 

Club Sport Range 

The Club Sport Future trailer is the ultimate companion for small to medium- sized vehicles. Designed with ease, this trailer is lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre and fantastic for towing.  

Key Specs (Australia). 

  • Deck length: 6000 mm 
  • Deck width: 2000 mm 
  • Maximum load capacity: 1850 kg 
  • GVWR: 2500kg 

Be sure to complete your knowledge of correct use and maintenance by reading the owner’s Lowering Trailer Manual. 

Have questions or want to start the purchasing process and become a member of the Futura Trailers family? Get in touch with our expert team at MacTrack today. We are here to help and ensure you have the right trailer for your needs.