A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geofence is a pre-determined set of boundaries that can be utilised to trigger and or send alerts to users when a location-aware device (GPS tracker) enters/exits or exists inside the virtual boundary. These triggered alerts allow you to passively monitor assets without needing to constantly

watch the real-time map, instead only getting alerted when a point of interest is visited/exited for example, these alerts are timestamped to allow for historical activity viewing not just live monitoring. Some of the simple instant benefits of geofencing a work site are:

MONITORING ENTERING AND LEAVING A WORKSITE- gone are the days of endless wasted phone calls to establish who is where in a worksite, establish schedules for arrival times.

MONITORING TIME AND ATTENDANCE – Get on with your days work and let the geofencing feature capture/verify time sheets by knowing exactly when company vehicle arrive/depart.

MANAGE EMPLOYEE CONDUCT – If you don’t want your vehicle or your employees to be in certain areas you can setup an alert via a geofence of the said area, any asset entering this area will notify you in real time- You can then act on this to protect your asset and /or improve driver accountability