Keeping control of your costs whether you are a fleet owner or manager is the key to success. It’s understandable that the thought of adding small cost to your outgoings is likely undesirable but below are some of the simple financial benefits that GPS tracking with MacTrack will bring to your operation:

VEHICLE/ASSET PROTECTION – real time 24/7 monitoring offers protection, prevention and visibility of your fleet.

REDUCE LABOUR COSTS- Monitor and maximize efficiency of your workforce with accurate time and attendance records and scheduling – saving you money!

REDUCE FUEL COSTS – Monitoring and identifying driver behaviour can reduce your fuel consumption and decrease idle time – saving you money!

KEEP ON TOP OF MAINTENANCE – with the integrated Maintenance module included with the MacTrack system, setting automated alerts and reminders for servicing / maintenance, as well as addressing any on the spot issues rapidly, reduces possible expensive fixes later and increases vehicle/asset lifespan considerably – saving you money!

MAKE BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS / INCREASE BEST PRACTICE – With a huge range of customizable data-rich reports available you will easily be able to keep an eye on the numbers that matter to you and your bottom line. Analyse and use this data to gain an edge over your competition and save you money!