There are different types of tracking units depending on the outcome you want to achieve. Fleet tracking is primarily done via tracking units connected to a constant 12V power source from the vehicle / asset. This gives best option for capturing all extra information regarding run time and movements etc, alternatively we have battery powered tracking units for use in the below examples:

1) You may have a pride and joy car at home that you disconnect battery power from when stored for long periods,

2) You may want to track your bicycle / E scooter that has no constant 12 V source

3) You may have a caravan that you want monitored that often has a 12V system that runs flat over time. Or-

4) You may have regular interstate transport shipments that you want to keep a close eye on.

All of the above 4 points and many more are perfect examples of when a battery powered Tracking unit can provide the visibility you want when you need.