Choosing a Lowering Trailer

In the world of automotive transportation, one element stands tall among others—the need for a safe, efficient, and convenient trailer system. That’s where lowering trailers come into play. Before diving into the specifics of selecting your perfect trailer from MacTrack’s Futura range, let’s first understand what lowering trailers are and why they matter. 

A closer look at lowering trailers 

Lowering trailers, also referred to as drop-deck trailers, are specially designed trailers with the unique capability to lower their deck flat onto the ground. The primary advantage of this design is the significantly reduced loading angle it provides, making them an ideal choice for transporting vehicles with low ground clearance, such as sports cars, classic cars, and even custom vehicles.  

The benefits of lowering trailers don’t stop there. In addition to reducing the risk of accidental damage, they offer an unrivalled ease of use. Most modern lowering trailers incorporate hydraulic or pneumatic systems that can be activated at the push of a button, eliminating the need for additional ramps or manual lifting and offering a streamlined loading and unloading process. 

Exploring the multitude of applications for lowering trailers 

Lowering trailers serve a plethora of purposes across various sectors. They’re an essential asset for any vehicle owner, transport company, or car builder that frequently moves vehicles, particularly those with low ground clearance. Motorsport enthusiasts, classic car aficionados, and even transport companies use these trailers to safely transport vehicles to tracks, shows, and events, or between locations. 

Lowering trailers also facilitate the transportation of heavy or bulky goods. Their ability to lower their deck simplifies the loading process and eliminates the need for additional lifting equipment, proving valuable in industrial and construction sectors. 

Why MacTrack’s Futura lowering trailers stand out 

MacTrack’s Futura lowering trailers combine meticulous design with superior manufacturing techniques to offer users a revolutionary vehicle transport solution. The creators of Futura have taken every detail into account, from functionality to aesthetics, providing a range of trailers that are not just utilitarian but a delight to use. 

The innovative design combines cutting-edge technology with advanced materials to provide a suite of features. These include remote-controlled lowering and rising technology, a solar panel charger, a high-quality deck designed with 6005-T6 interlocking panels, a low approach angle, and an impressive weight balance that allows easy loading and moving by a single person. 

Futura’s revolutionary lowering technology 

The cornerstone of Futura’s design is its state-of-the-art lowering technology. This system enables the entire trailer to be lowered to the ground, thereby reducing the loading angle to just three degrees. Such a minimal loading angle negates the need for additional ramps or tilting decks, making these trailers the go-to solution for low-ground-clearance vehicles. 

Delving into Futura’s model range and specifications 

Futura’s diverse range of models is designed to meet the varied needs of users. Check out our range of lowering trailers and read some customer testimonials to help you in your quest to find the ideal trailer for your needs. 

Super Sport  

The Super Sport range by Futura stands as the epitome of innovative design and meticulous engineering. Favoured by a majority of users, this model offers flexibility in accommodation, allowing the transport of various types of cars, including luxury supercars with low ground clearance.  

The Super Sport range shines in its specifications. It provides a deck length of 5000 mm, ample space for securely housing different vehicles. The deck’s 2000 mm width further ensures secure positioning and stability during transportation. This model is built to withstand substantial weights, with a maximum load capacity of 1900 kg, making it versatile for both light and heavy-duty hauling tasks. 

With a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 2500 kg, it demonstrates the excellent balance of the trailer, even at its full load capacity. This balance is a vital factor as it determines the trailer’s safety during transportation. 

Another remarkable feature of the Super Sport range is the capability to load and unload the car even when the trailer is not connected to a towing vehicle. This feature provides additional convenience, especially in situations where immediate unloading of the vehicle is required. 

Pro Sport  

The Pro Sport model by Futura is a testament to the brand’s commitment to cater to diverse user needs. This model, with the longest deck in the range, is ideally suited for motorsport applications or larger vehicles that require more space. 

Featuring a deck length of 6000 mm, it provides substantial space for securely transporting larger vehicles. The 2000 mm deck width allows comfortable vehicle positioning and enhances stability during transit.  

Despite its long deck, the Pro Sport model doesn’t compromise on the load capacity. It boasts a maximum load capacity of 1850 kg, ensuring it can cater to a wide range of heavy vehicles without breaking a sweat.  

Its GVWR is 2500 kg, meaning it maintains stability and safety even when transporting heavy loads. Much like the Super Sport range, the Pro Sport model also allows loading and unloading of vehicles even when disconnected from the tow vehicle, offering greater flexibility during use. 

Club Sport  

The Club Sport model has been designed with practicality in mind, targeting small to medium-sized vehicles. Its key selling point is its lightweight design, which makes manoeuvring easy and towing a breeze.  

Its specifications are designed to cater to the needs of smaller vehicles without compromising the brand’s standards. The deck length measures 6000 mm, providing ample space for most medium-sized vehicles. The deck width stands at 2000 mm, ensuring the vehicle remains stable during transport.  

The Club Sport model boasts a maximum load capacity of 1850 kg, catering to a broad spectrum of vehicles. With a GVWR of 2500 kg, it underscores Futura’s commitment to safety and balance in all their models. 

Overall, whether you’re transporting a small, medium, or large vehicle, or even a luxury supercar, Futura’s range of lowering trailers from MacTrack offers an innovative, reliable, and safe transportation solution designed to meet a wide array of needs. The Super Sport, Pro Sport, and Club Sport models each offer unique advantages catered to specific vehicle sizes and uses, allowing you to choose the ideal trailer for your specific requirements. 

Accessories to optimise your Futura experience 

Futura offers a range of premium accessories that further enhance the user experience: 

Rock guard 

This accessory is indispensable for those who often travel on uneven terrain or gravel roads. The rock guard serves to protect your car or cargo from damage caused by debris, rocks, or dirt that might be kicked up by the trailer’s wheels during the journey. By fitting a rock guard, you can rest assured that your valuable cargo remains protected from the potential hazards of road travel. 

Recovery winch 

The recovery winch is an essential tool for loading and unloading vehicles from the trailer. This tool is particularly beneficial when you’re dealing with vehicles that are not in a drivable condition or if your car experiences an issue while you’re on the road. The recovery winch allows you to safely and effortlessly haul your vehicle onto the trailer without the need for additional manpower. With a quality recovery winch, you can handle loading and unloading tasks with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. 

Tire rack 

The tire rack is a useful accessory for anyone attending events or participating in motorsports. It provides a secure place on the trailer to store and transport extra wheels or tires. Having a tire rack ensures that you always have spare tires on hand should you need to make a quick change. Not only does this help save space within your vehicle, but it also ensures that your tires are transported safely and securely. 

Mounted spare wheel 

A mounted spare wheel is an essential accessory that offers peace of mind during your travels. Flat tires or tire blowouts can happen unexpectedly during your journey, and having a mounted spare wheel on your trailer can make dealing with such emergencies much less stressful. With a spare wheel readily available, you can get back on the road more quickly and easily in the event of a tire-related issue. 

Four adjustable tie-downs 

These tie-downs are crucial for ensuring that your load remains secure throughout the transportation process. They can be adjusted to fit your specific cargo and are used to secure your vehicle to the continuous airline track on the trailer. This ensures that your vehicle remains stable during transit, minimising the risk of damage caused by shifting or movement of the load. 

All these accessories are designed to enhance the overall performance and convenience of your Futura lowering trailer, ensuring that your transportation process is as smooth, efficient, and secure as possible. Whether you’re a classic car owner, a motorsport enthusiast, a car builder, or a transport company, these accessories will provide you with the reliability and functionality that you need. 

Wrapping up: the Futura advantage 

With their revolutionary design, the MacTrack Futura range of lowering trailers promises to transform your vehicle transportation experience. Their superior features coupled with a range of accessories ensure that you not only transport your precious cargo safely but also do so with relative ease. 

Whether you’re a classic car owner, a racing enthusiast, or a professional car transporter, MacTrack’s expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the right Futura trailer for your specific needs. Contact us today and experience the Futura advantage firsthand.